Spring : Saturday, April 21, 2018

Entries open March 13, 2018. Closing date April 13, 2018.

Looking for a fun way to start your season? Want to give your young horse a confidence-building experience? Need a place to take your students where you can see every jump on the course?
Join us at this “horse-friendly” show and enjoy our lovely farm. The 3 levels of competition will feature water, banks and many different types of obstacles all on a flat field which provides excellent visibility for instructors, coaches and spectators. Cross-country will not be timed, adding to the relaxed atmosphere of the show.
For more information on Pirouette Farm or directions please click on buttons above or email mspiro1@aol.com
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Pirouette Farm
Spring Schooling Trials
Elementary: 10-12 straightforward jumps, maximum 2’.
Dressage Test: Beginner Novice A
Beginner Novice: 12-14 easy jumps, maximum 2’6” (optional water crossing)
Dressage Test: Beginner Novice A
Novice: 16 jumps, maximum 2’ 11”, including water crossing, bank and (optional ditch)
Dressage Test: Novice A
Training/Novice: Training level Dressage and Stadium. Novice XC same as above.
Dressage Test: Training A
There will be Junior and Senior divisions at each level, as entries warrant.